I am 23 years old and have just made it through my first year of my career. I relocated to northern Virginia January of 2007 for my first full time job and am trying to get out of the overwhelming red of my finances. Now I know you are thinking I must have racked up credit cards throughout college, paid the minimum, and was left this big mess. This is not the case. I am one of the new generation of former college students who got much more than a degree when they graduated, a seemingly insurmountable debt from school loans, this size of some people’s mortgages.

Luckily, it’s not as bad as it seems as long as I can get my act together. Although I fell into the pitfall of private 4-year college with mediocre financial aid, I worked hard and was able to secure a job during my last semester. I was able to start work with a great company within a few weeks of graduation, earning a salary I didn’t expect to make until I had 5-10 years experience. Giving me at least some hope of erasing my 100k+ student loan debt sometime over the next 5 years.

Don’t expect this to be a daily posting place, or even strict advice. Just a place to get some thoughts out of my mind and to think through things which could have longer term effects. This is just a way to keep me accountable for my everyday money decisions, in hopes I can get rid of my debt, sooner rather than later. I’m an engineer so don’t be scared by numbers or calculations that spat out of my mind all the time.When it comes to finances I’m always trying to think logically of the best answer. Although that might not always be what I end up acting on.

I welcome (and appreciate) any comments or suggestions on topics I post, or any questions you’d like to hear my opinion on.