So my mid-month credit card statement finished yesterday. My Driver’s Edge card that is only supposed to have groceries on it.

Total: $1,450.04
Groceries: $520.00
Dentist: $545.00
Beer: $125
Other Exp. (Remainder)

So not what I wanted to see, although I knew it was coming since I check it religiously daily. I don’t know how it gets so out of control… Really, $520 on groceries for two people. I really need to drag that on in. My original budget of $350 (which I still thought was high) is blown out of the water.

Goal: Keep groceries under $400 for the May statement. I think this shouldn’t be too hard. Mainly need to reduce the number of times we go to the store. Usually we end up going at least every other day and spending $20-$30. Need to start planning out the week.