I’m sitting here deciding as to whether or nto starting this blog and sticking to it. How much will it help? Are there others it will help other than me?

I’ve been feeling kind of hopeless lately about the amount of debt hanging over my head.

$199,499 to be exact. Of course $102k is in my name, with the remainder to my fiance.

Its horrible to know that I’m starting off with this much debt. Today I decided to look back and see where I was 2 years ago, directly after starting work. To see if I have made progress, if any.

Adding everything together, our original loan balance (after accrued interest through school) was $241,237. Detailed as follows. Note: Some of the balances are estimated, since online doesn’t track past one year. I have estimated the original amount based on the payment schedule.

Hers: Original Loan Balances
Student #1 – $22,034.07 @ 4.875%
Student #2 – $16,500.00 @ 6.5 %
Student #3 – $55,000.00 (Estimate) @variable (current 6.1%)
Student #4 – $5,000.00 @ 5%
Car – $33,100.00 @7.99%

His: Orginial Loan Balances
Student #1 – $26,132.80 @ 5.875%
Student #2 – $58,421.00 @ 8.6%
Student #3 – $2,500.00 @ 5%
Car – $22,550.00 @ 4.9%


I knew it was high, but I never realized it was that high. Such an outstanding number. Although buying a car way out of my league, on a whim, didn’t help the figures that much. Anyway, this has us with paying off ~42k over the past 21 months, which is nothing to be ashamed of. But most is due to minimum payments, I wish I had added more.

My goal is to pay off all debt at >5% by YE2013. Possible? Yes. Probable? Depends how disciplined I am. I guess time will tell.