Add me to the statistic. Another unhappy customer of American Express. I got the Blue Sky Card last September when it had advertised 12 months of 0% balance transfers and purchases. I was carrying a balance of within 1k of the credit line for the whole time. I had been making on-time minimum payments every month. Meanwhile I had the money to pay off the balance in a savings account earning interest. Lately, with the measly 1.5%APY rate, I did not feel it was worth carrying the balance anymore. I paid the balance in full on a Thursday.

Friday we left for a long weekend vacation. Card was denied at a small coffee shop. I thought it was weird but it didn’t bother me too much. They still had the dial up machine so I assumed they just didn’t accept Amex. Saturday went to use it somewhere else, denied again so I just figured I’d call later on.

After vacation I call Amex and they inform me that my card was canceled. A “regular check” of my credit report revealed that I likely would not have the ability to repay the card. Trying to stay calm I tell the operator I have just make a 7,000 payment on the card to pay it off. How could I not repay? He says, “Your large payment on your account on the same day is just ironic.” Man, did that line really make me angry! The he continued to read every other line on his cue card. I realize its a losing battle and there is nothing I can do.

They canceled the card immediately (within hours) after the balance was paid. Looking on-line, thousands other have had the exact same thing happen. With the same exact reasons stated. Had I not paid off the balance I still would have the card.

I understand them trying to reduce their risky customers. They have every right to do so. But to make up false reasons? Also, I was never informed of my account being cancelled. I received a letter 2 weeks after my phone conversation. It is ridiculous! They have my phone number and I get email account alerts for practically everything. But not once was I informed. That is just a sleezy way to do business.

Oh, and since it was a third of my credit line across all my cards. It now looks like I have maxed out every credit card I own. Even though I just had paid down 7k+. Good thing I’m not looking for a loan in the future.