I shouldn’t be complaining, but I have too good of health insurance. Well, dental insurance to be exact. I knew I had a few dental procedures to get done this year so I decided to take advantage of the HSA. I called and tried to get quotes so I could figure out how much to set aside since its “use it or lose it”. No one wanted to tell me a straight answer. So I went online and got some estimates, set the money aside. Now, I have had everything done and apparently my dental insurance got better this year too. I have $750 left in my HSA to be lost at the end of the year. I’m 24, healthy, with good eye-sight. What could I possibly spend this money on so it is not a complete waste?

FYI: I’ve taken an in detail look at the list of applicable items. A lot of stuff I have bought this year but not expected are on it. Including sunscreen, chapstick (provided it has sunscreen), q-tips, etc. I wish I had saved the receipts as it would have added up. I think I will be making a bulk order from drugstore.com by the end of the month to use some of it up. Live.com has 20% cashback through the end of August and it has a separate HSA qualified store. By the way, taxes and shipping CAN be deducted in your HSA.

Any other ideas on what to spend this on that wouldn’t go to waste?