So I know that I should sell my car. I’ve probably had it posted on Craigslist since January. Purposefully overpriced so no one would ever contact me about it, no pictures nothing. The past few weeks I figure its about time that I should work on selling it and downgrade. Taking out the equity pretty much and applying it to my loans. Its the right thing to do. If I don’t sell it, it will just keep depreciating and will be lost money in the end. Honestly having a sweet car isn’t worth the $8,000 I could hopefully get out of it by downgrading. But still, when I got the email today about someone asking for the pictures my heart still sank.

I know its materialistic. But I love that car. I feel like someone in that car and it feels like it fits me perfectly. It’s my ultimate splurge. I don’t know if I could ‘live’ without a convertible not to mention, power and heated seats, a supernice stereo, dual climate control!

On the other hand, it also makes me feel fake. Like I’m putting on this facade to be carefree and have a lot of money. When really all I do every day is think about some magic solution to get out of debt. I know its impossible to get out of debt without some drastic changes in your life. And this is one of the few ones I have left to get me a little closer. Not only would downgrading my car give me the physical cash but it woudl remind me what its like to be normal again. That I don’t need all these fancy things. Generally they just complicate everything more. Give me more things to worry about and keep perfect.

I know it will just keep depreciating. And let’s just say the make is not known too well for reliability but rather high maintenance costs. Not something that will help my debt repayment in the future.

But then again, $8,000 sounds like a lot. But in the scheme of things, its not terribly too much. Its only 2 months worth of payments of the 60 planned that I have left. But I know that’s not the way I should look at it. I should go through with selling it. But its difficult.

I see all the benefits moneywise. Mainly, I’d probably use the money to pay off SWMBO’s car loan. Not because it has high interest, but because it would provide the most security and flexibility with lower monthly debt payments.

I’m really torn. I know the right thing to do but its so hard. How can you remove emotional attachment when the benefits are 5+ years away?

Update: A few hours later a second email, I guess the price drop is what did it.