Fuel – ~3 tanks at 10 gal at 2.85/gal – 85.50
Food/Coffee for car ride – 35
Tolls – ~30 round trip (bridges are expensive)
Beach Day – 10 parking + 3 treats
Lunch on Friday – 40
Food for Saturday at BBQ– 15
Beverages for the weekend – 95 – with some leftover for margaritas later in the week!

Total of $313.50

Is this inline with other people who took a long weekend to visit friends and family? I feel like this is about average with the trips we usually take. I am always disappointed with the cost of food on the road. But it is so difficult to plan ahead of time after a long week of work. About half of that is usually the cost of coffee and/or energy drinks to keep us awake for the ride.

Not included in this total is the cost of a cracked windshield by a friendly truck. I miss being part of a state where this is included at no cost in car insurance. We are looking at around $450 for a new windshield. I don’t want to let it wait too long since its not too safe to have a huge crack in the windshield. Our car maintenance envelope only has $220 in it right now so it looks like it will have to sacrifice and go negative. Especially since we used our entire emergency fund last month to pay off one of the balance transfer cards.