Our main killer of our spending budget lately has been eating out for lunches while at work. We rarely (think once every three months) go out to a restaurant for dinner when you exclude vacations. But with the amount we end up spending on lunches we could go out to nice dinners twice a month. The last month alone we spent $114. Granted, most of this is due to moving and not being able to or wanting to have lunches ready. But even so we usually end up spending 60-70 a month on lunches. When you look at our spending budget of only 500/month. That’s nearly 15%! I would much rather spend that on other things that we could enjoy together like date nights. Instead of chowing down on fast food only to rush back to work.

I get too bored with lunch food. First off, I’m not really a fan of leftovers. I won’t even eat them at home unless its pizza. The only leftovers I ever bring to work are mac and cheese or fettuccine alfredo. I don’t see many other options left other then sandwiches with deli meats (expensive!), salads (time-consuming), and soups (not appealing most of the summer). Also, I’ve realized things are very unappetizing on the third day, and for that reason refuse to eat anything more then twice.

The other main problem is most of the times I’m too lazy to get anything together the night before. It usually involves going to the store then fixing something in addition to dinner since I don’t like leftovers. That is just too much work and cleanup. I guess I just need to get more creative. And also learn to enjoy leftovers. Not really sure what else to do.

I’m going to try to go an entire month without eating out for lunch. I’ll have to shamelessly exclude the first week of September, since we went every single day that week! I’ll let you know how it turns out.