In an effort to simplify, I decided to pay off my last balance transfer two months early. I also paid off the smallest student loan. I know this is probably not something people would ideally do when they are losing their income. But the last payment on the student loan would be in 10/2010 and based on my rough estimate of budget we have enough money to make it that long. I figured we might as well save the measly $2 a month in interest rather then having that money in the account. I am tempted to just snowball that $50 payment to the high interest loan. But I still have no idea how long I will be out of a job realistically. 

This brings our new debt level down to $156,059. November 2008 we were at $199,499 so that shows a very large payoff of around $42,000. I guess this will make up for only paying minimums in 2010. I can only thank myself for taking repayment seriously this past year. If I hadn’t we would be crippled with the $670 additional car payment on only one income. There is still a long way to go though.